LenEasy® – Innovative soothing activities

LenEasy® is the new line of bioactives produced by Transactiva through Plant Molecular Farming.

The active ingredients contain a glycoprotein, called LenEasy®, active on the cytokine TNF-α, a molecule involved in numerous inflammatory processes.
Thanks to its activity, the inflammatory cascade is reduced, bringing relief to the skin. Our plant bioactives are particularly suitable for sensitive and problematic skin, as emerged in an  in vivo soothing activity test, carried out by evaluating the decrease in redness and the decrease in TEWL after the application of samples of LenEasy® on irritated skin.

. The results obtained in this test ascertain the excellent soothing capacity of the bioactive, which has been shown to be effective in helping to reduce skin irritation


Following the application of the bioactive developed by Transactiva on irritated skin, a significant reduction in skin erythema was found, equal to 33.3% after the first 30 minutes after treatment, and 64% after 2 hours (taking into account the baseline value the result is 5.9% and 11.5% respectively). In addition, there was a decrease in the loss of transdermal water, an indicator of the state of health of the skin, of 20.8% after 30 minutes from the application of the product, and of 47.7% after 2 hours (taking into account the baseline value, the result is 14.7% and 33.5% respectively).

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