The Company

Transactiva is a biotech SME, focused on Plant Molecular Farming (PMF) R&D. 

This innovative, multidisciplinary technology uses higher plants as bioreactors for the production of therapeutic proteins. Transactiva’s proprietary expertise is based on the synthesis of BIOPHARMACEUTICALS in rice seeds.

Our rice_PMF technology offers the “5S SUSTAINABLE BIO-INDUSTRY SYSTEM”, bearing several advantages over the classic fermenters/bioreactors:

  • ↑ Safety
  • ↑ Stability
  • ↑ Sustainability
  • ↑ Scalability
  • ↓ Spending

R&D activities focus on therapeutics for rare, methabolic diseases and tumours. Complex, glycosylated molecules such as lysosomal enzymes and monoclonal antibodies have already been successfully produced, and more proteins are in the pipeline.

Founded in 2001, Transactiva is now located in Udine (Italy) in the north-eastern region of Friuli Venezia Giulia.

We are established in Friuli Innovazione.

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