Our services

Transactiva offers a full set of R&D services, starting from the very first idea of a target protein up to a complete, scalable green bioreactor prototype:


   Our services include:

      • assistance in selecting the best protein candidate and platform
      • DNA sequence optimization and expression vector manipulation: Transactiva has developed a unique gene optimization strategy for high expression technology
      • plant biomass growth and transformation
      • bioreactor cultivation and expansion:
          • Plants regeneration and selection
          • Creation of a homozygous line and a seed banking system
          • Quality System ensuring GACP regime
          • Growth of the bioreactor in soil (greenhouses) or out of soil (hydroponics)
          • Primary processing of rice seeds in the staging area
      • setup of an industrially scalable purification strategy: all steps are carefully planned to be scalable and industrially suitable, and exploit already established technologies
      • preliminary physico-chemical and functional characterization of target molecule
      • preparation of small batches of drug substance (lab scale, not-GMP)
      • assistance in planning pre-clinical non regulatory studies  

 Select your platform:


Nicotiana benthamiana transient expression


Oryza sativa stable expression



Please contact us for a tailored solution to your needs!

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