PReCIOUSPianificazione e REalizzazione di impianti per la Coltivazione in Idroponica di O. sativa e di un’Unità di Scalo tecnico (per plant molecular farming)“, is a project funded by the Autonomous Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia within the POR FESR 2014-2020, activity 1.2.a.1, with an eligible expenditure of €238.728,21 for a granted contribution of €95.491,28.


The main objective of the PReCIOUS project is to set up, test and validate two new plants to support the renewal of two fundamental business processes: the cultivation and processing of rice used in Plant Molecular Farming (PMF) activities.

The new out-of-soil growing plant for rice will be based on hydroponic technologies and will be entirely dedicated to the establishment of seed banks. In parallel, the introduction of a new technical processing unit directly adjacent to the company’s cultivation facilities is envisaged, with the use of innovative equipment.

PReCIOUS will increase the quality of the finished product (processed rice), speed up the timing of development of PMF projects, increase the degree of standardization, traceability and internalization of production processes and finally centralize the activities at the main Transactiva headquarters, allowing a better and direct management of materials and personnel.


Project updates

POR FESR: the PReCIOUS project approved for funding (jun 2018)
The PReCIOUS project begins! (aug 2018)

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