Plant Molecular Farming technology allows us to produce bioactive peptides with a transient system in Nicotiana benthamiana (Australian tobacco) plants or with a stable system in Oryza sativa (common rice) seeds. The biomass then undergoes numerous steps until the polypeptides are perfectly purified.


LenEasy® is a line of a bioactive peptides derived from Nicotiana Benthamiana, with proven efficacy in reducing irritation, water loss, and redness in sensitive and inflamed skin, and helping the skin barrier regeneration. It is completely plant based (Vegetalok certified) and GMO-free. The PepT2 line is also Cosmos approved.


Orycalm® is a biomimetic peptide derived from Oryza Sativa that helps to restore irritated and sensitive skin, relieving it and maintaining its proper hydration. It is 100% plant based and Vegetalok certified.


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