ReInVENT “Implementazione di Reattori Innovativi da cellule Vegetali per la produzione di ENzimi e proteine Terapeutiche” is a project financed through the POR FESR program, activity 1.2.a.1, of the Autonomous Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia. The program grants a contribution of 140.959,17 euro on an eligible expenditure of 234.931,95 euro.


The core aim of the ReInVENT project is to create a new platform based on industrial bioreactors for large-scale growth of vegetable cells, such as rice calli, to produce therapeutic proteins.

The use of bioreactors in Plant Molecular Farming (PMF) offers several advantages:

  • Shortening of the production cycle (from months to weeks).
  • Accurate control of growth conditions leading to higher yield and quality of the final product.
  • Environmental contamination risk elimination due to total culture isolation.
  • Higher conformity to the actuals Good Manifacturing Progcedures (GMP).
  • Down-stream process simplification, resulting in lowering of the total production cost.
  • Continuous or semicontinuous production, meaning higher flexibility and efficiency depending on the market needs.
  • Production of complex therapeutic proteins properly folded and glycosylated.
  • Exploitation of “conventional” bioreactors already used for eukaryotic organisms.

The primary purpose of the ReInVENT project is the realization of a pilot-scale bioreactor for transformed vegetable cells cultivation, to be placed side by side with the already in-house whole transgenic plants technology. This new technology will define a completely new manufacturing methodology for our company, opening to the possibility of a faster and less expensive production of therapeutic proteins.