Mission and Vision

The activities carried out by Transactiva are aimed at defining technological platforms exploitable at an industrial level for the production of therapeutic proteins in plants. The ultimate objective is represented by the registration of drugs containing active ingredients obtained from genetically transformed plant tissues. This objective can be accomplished through the fulfillment of partnership agreements with pharmaceutical industries, involving service supply and granting intellectual property rights over the productive lines.


While chasing its mission, Transactiva wants to establish a new concept of innovation, not simply based on giving economical value to research but also bringing the meaning of doing inasmuch as it favors the overall understanding of mankind and its position in the reality. In the field of genetics and biotechnology, innovation stands for providing new insights and interpretations of the living matter. In this view, challenging the ability of plants to produce molecules which are partly or fully foreign to the plant kingdom means not only adding a touch of green in the supply of new commodities but also giving perception of the porous boundaries which are linking man to the other living beings.

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