R&D Pipeline

For the development of the molecules of interest, Transactiva follows a path that must be defined case by case, depending on the molecule itself and the needs of the customers. The pipeline includes several steps:

  •  Identification of the target molecule. Study and in silico design of the bioreactor (plant).
  • Assembly of the designed DNA sequences. In vitro transformation and regeneration of plant biomass.
  • Cultivation/expansion of plant biomass in a confined environment. Collection, processing and conservation of transformed biomass.
  • Set-up of a customized extraction and purification system.
  • Preliminary characterization of the therapeutic protein, planning and coordination of in vitro and in vivo experimentation activities.
  • Establishment of seed banks (master seed bank and working seed bank) necessary for the short- and long-term storage of the seeds and to provide consistent and sufficient starting material to guarantee a long duration of the supply.

Pharma: target diseases

We give particular attention to new therapeutic options for the treatment of Rare Diseases, i.e. pathologies affecting a very limited number of patients.

The company has developed Recombinant human enzymes for Enzyme Replacement Therapy (ERT) of some metabolic rare diseases (such as Gaucher’s disease and Pompe disease).

During the years, the research and development interests have expanded to a range of more common conditions: monoclonal antibodies for the treatment of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and autoimmune diseases have already been manufactured. We are currently evaluating the possibility for niche applications with strong unmet needs.

To further expand the portfolio of target diseases, Transactiva is looking to apply its unique production platform to the development of molecules for the prevention and treatment of severe acute respiratory infections of viral etiology.

In the pipeline

Transactiva’s rice_PMF platform has proven the ability to produce active, complex, glycosylated, multi-domain proteins.

We have successfully completed the proof-of-concept phase for:

  • human lysosomal acid beta-glucosidase  (rice_rhGCase)
  • human lysosomal acid alpha-glucosidase  (rice_rhGAA)
  • human lysosomal acid alpha-galactosidase  (rice_rhGLA)
  • anti-cancer monoclonal antibody
  • anti-inflammatory monoclonal antibody


Cosmetic applications

Transactiva is defining new and affordable options for  pharmacosmetic applications. Over the years, the company has developed recombinant human enzymes and monoclonal antibodies aimed at specific, niche applications. 

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