Expertise: PMF

Plant Molecular Farming (PMF) is the use of higher plants as bioreactors for the production of biopharmaceuticals. Our main technology uses rice seeds as platform for PMF.

rice_PMF platform

Our PMF process starts from the idea of a NEW BIOPHARMACEUTICAL to be produced in rice, coming from a precise therapeutic need or customer pain point to be addressed.

After a phase of study and in silico planning of the process, an optimised DNA sequence is used to transform plant tissue and direct the expression of target protein in RICE SEEDS.

Subsequent generations of plants are necessary to obtain a stable productive line which qualify it to produce the MASTER SEED BANK (MSB), the starting material for the biomass which can then undergo downstream processing (DP).

The whole process falls under the Guideline on Good Agricultural and Collection Practice (GACP) regimen, strictly monitored by our QUALITY SYSTEM.

Our proprietary rice-based production technology is covered by method PATENTS.

Parallel to the development of the seed banking system, we provide the setup of a fully scalable downstream purification process and supply the biochemical characterization and the in vitro and in vivo assessment of an ACTIVITY PROFILE for the target protein.

The proteins produced by Transactiva are pharmacologically ACTIVE and characterized, BIOEQUIVALENT with respect to the corresponding wild-type forms.

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