The regional Decree 24533/GRFVG of 22/11/2022 approved the list of eligible applications to receive incentives for Research and industrial development according to the Anticipation PR FESR 2021 -2027 call (announcement approved by DGR 2026/2021). The ranking list is published on the dedicate website [ITA].

The “PAnACEA” project, presented by Transactiva together with the company Bipolife , was approved for funding and will start soon.

The project full title is PAnACEA: Protezione di un Anticorpo mediante Alginato per la Cura di patologie Enteriche ad Andamento cronico (Antibody Protection with Alginate for the treatment of Chronic Enteric Diseases).

Friuli Venezia Giulia Region Anticipation on PR FESR 2021–2027: the “PAnACEA” project approved for funding