New project for Transactiva with PWD Filtration and University of Udine

Transactiva and PWD Industrial Filtration, an innovative tech company with a deep expertise in advanced filtration systems (including ultrafiltration), together with the University of Udine (Department of Mathematics, IT and Physics – AI and Machine Learning working group) signed an agreement for the application of AI systems in controlling the production of Transactiva’s biotech molecules.

PAnACEA project started!

PAnACEA  Antibody Protection with Alginate for the treatment of Chronic Enteric Diseases. The project, presented in partnership with Biopolife Srl and funded by the  Anticipation PR FESR 2021-2027 – Incentives to companies for collaborative industrial research and experimental development – call 2022, started on 19 December 2022. For more info about the project, see the