Second edition of the BioHighTech Companies Day, the day within the TriesteNext manifestation dedicated to innovative companies. Held September 23, 2016 at the Palazzo della Regione, this event presented projects in the BioHighTech field who hatched from public-private partnerships.

Organized by Aries [Special Agency of the Trieste Chamber of Commerce], BioHighTech NET, CBM [Centre for Molecular Biomedicine of Friuli Venezia Giulia] and Confindustria Venezia Giulia, the BioHighTech Companies Day comprised a packed program of interventions, workshops and panel discussions, focusing on the theme: “Research and innovation for health: projects for growth and well-being”.

Transactiva, who took an active part in the first edition of the event, this year has participated as leader of the project “oraCle: new integrated approach for the oral treatment of Crohn’s disease”, running for the POR FESR 2014-2020 regional calls.

Besides the opportunity to briefly present the project at the afternoon workshop together with the University of Trieste, one of the public partners, Transactiva has been present throughout the day at the exhibition hall, where visitors were able to learn more about the company and the oraCle project, welcomed by the public with positive curiosity.