In the pipeline

Transactiva is defining new and affordable options for  pharmacosmetic applications. Over the years, the company has developed recombinant human enzymes and monoclonal antibodies aimed at specific, niche applications. The main active unlicensed projects, currently under development, are:

  • niche topical application of anti-inflammatory monoclonal antibodies [preclinical development];
  • development of biosimilar antibodies [preclinical development];
  • tobacco-based platform for the fast production of bio-active molecules;
  • fermenters for plant cell cultures production [early stage].

Our Technology


  • Green platform for transient expression of bioactive compounds
  •  Fast production of molecules in weeks
  •  Virtually, any protein can be produced
  •  Vertical farming to decrease water and soil consumption


  • Transformed rice plants for bioactive proteins production
  •  Low production costs
  •  Easy scale up
  •  Easy product storage
  •  Circular economy waste approach


  • Anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidative and anti-ageing agents for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic market
  • Antibodies
  •  Enzymes
  •  Bioactive proteins

Our products

MONOCLONAL ANTIBODIES: Anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative agents for sensitive and inflamed skin and scalp > Lenitive “plAntibody” anti TNF-alpha

ENZYMES: For skin brightening, anti-ageing and antioxidant products, damaged skin regeneration and epidermal protective barrier strengthening

BIO-ACTIVE PROTEINS: Promotion of skin regeneration and stimulation of natural production of hyaluronic acid, collagen, and other bioactive compounds for a healthy skin