On June 5th, a delegation of Biotechnology students from the University of Milan had the chance to visit the “Luigi Danieli” Science and Technology Park in Udine, with the opportunity to better understand both our company and the resources offered by Friuli Innovazione.

The event, organized together with Transactiva by Prof. Carlo Pozzi, professor of Genomics and Plant Improvement in the Department of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences of the University of Milan, was held in the early afternoon and followed a busy program of visits and meetings in close contact with the local business reality.

After a visit at Transactiva’s laboratories, led by Dr. Patti and dr. Cristin, Dr. Testori of Friuli Innovazione led the young people to the discovery of virtual reality with Dis.CO, a platform developed by Innovactors and present at the Coworking space active at the PST.

The biotechnologists then followed Dr. Piccinato in a presentation of the opportunities offered by Friuli Innovazione for young entrepreneurs, ending with a closer look at the research and development projects constituting the core business of Transactiva, presented by Dr. Raccovelli. together with a practical example of industrial intellectual property with the seminar “Production of monoclonal antibodies in cereal endosperm”.

The group left in the afternoon, and the parties involved already wish to replicate the experience in the coming years, expanding it -if possible- over several days.

Transactiva wishes the students all the best for a creative and productive future!