The activities carried out in Transactiva address the registration of drugs containing active ingredients extracted and purified from genetically transformed plant tissues. This objective may be reached via the formalization of agreements with the pharmaceutical industry, and concerning the grant of intellectual property rights and service supply. Services usually requested to Transactiva are the development of the expression vector, plant transformation, selection of the productive strain, seed banking (both SSB and MSB).

Consulting agreement and management consulting are mainly dedicated to the fulfillment and/or fine-tuning of the downstream process, the execution of preclinical assays (pharmacology, toxicology), the characterization of the productive strain at morpho-physiological and molecular level (nature and location of the DNA insertion, stability of expression), the provision of a quality system in compliance with rules and regulations issued by regulatory agencies, the drafting of documents for DMF editing or the request of scientific and technical advices to regulatory agencies.

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