Regulation of gene expression

The achievement of high levels of transgene expression is an essential prerequisite for industrial applications; this is a challenging topic in plant biotechnology. For this purpose, Transactiva invests many resources for the optimization of expression cassettes, working especially on control elements of gene expression at either the transcriptional, translational or post-translational level.

This in-depth research has led to the development and consolidation of a patented technology for high performance expression of transgenes, called Gene-HPE. Such technology is based on the use of molecular vectors suitably modified by insertion of artificial promoters, leaders (5’-UTRs), coding sequences and terminators.

Transactiva is the leader in the design of artificial coding sequences optimized for high expression in plants. This position arises from thorough studies on synonymous codon choice in a range of plant species, e.g., rice, barley, soybean and tomato. On the ground of well-defined rules of codon neighborhood, the new method of gene design is based on the use of species-specific arrays of optimal codons, leading to mRNA sequences with a superior translational potential due to the absence of instability motifs or adverse structural elements.

Transactiva has designed, synthesized, and tested in vivo many leader regions (5’-UTR) capable to significantly increase both gene transcription and translation.

Thanks to the knowledge accumulated in the composition of cis-regulatory elements, Transactiva has designed and tested synthetic promoters which combine different regions and motifs of natural promoters. These composite elements, while retaining tissue specificity, are characterized by a transcriptional activity remarkably higher as compared with original promoters.

In addition, the company has started sequence analyses for the development of synthetic terminators capable to increase the half-life of messenger RNAs encoding the target proteins.

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