Research and development

Research and development activities in the field of biotechnology and biochemistry at Transactiva are primarily aimed at devising novel industrial platforms for pharmaceutical production. Particular attention is given to therapeutic proteins available in limited amounts or completely excluded from clinical practice due to the inadequacy of their production systems.

For the production of these molecules, tissues are engineered and used in compliance with human safety issues and environmental protection rules.

Important resources are devoted to the development of plant expression systems because of their yielding potential and cost effectiveness. Ongoing projects concern the definition of the plant species which can most suitably be used as bioreactor, the cellular compartments for best expression and storage of the recombinant proteins, the processing techniques for plant raw materials as well as the procedures for the extraction and purification of the target molecules.

While performing R&D activities, Transactiva is particularly committed to comply with the rules for production of recombinant plant-derived proteins, particularly those inherent to the cGACP system as indicated by national and EU regulatory agencies.

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