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The website originally was an example of “Tratto Non Comune” (“Uncommon line”) Arts residency for digital communication projects, a tool for companies willing to have an unusual and characteristic on-line identity. CREAA listens to the client needs, then proposes a communication strategy and a bunch of selected artists’ to work with. The artist is involved in a real residency in the firm and CREAA constantly works as facilitator, supporting the dialogue and managing respective tasks. For Transactiva the young photographer Nika Furlani and the post-art designer Ivan Dal Cin have been involved. “Tratto non comune” objectives are undermining the aesthetic uniformity of web communication and portraying the uniqueness of each company.

Nika Furlani. Digital and analog

Nika Furlani is a photographer from Trieste, Italy. After a degree in Education science at the Pedagogical Faculty of the University of Primorska in Koper, Slovenia, she decides to undertake a more artistic direction and she enrols at the Higher Vocational College for Photography “Srečko Kosovel” in Sežana, Slovenia. She investigates on man/nature comparison, working with analog devices in a contemporary purpose.



CREAA. Arte e Impresa.

CREAA worked with Transactiva for getting the department identity and the strong points coming out. A content map was agreed and the artist chosen. CREAA aimed at creating an exchange between two researches: artistic and scientific. They had a common perspective: the power between our organic matrix and the new knowledge frontiers. The photographer spend some half days in the different laboratories, meeting the work members and looking at their experiments, then she composed her works. Ivan Dal Cin matched the text contents and images, giving life to the website.





Post-art & digital designer
Web design and development


CREAA is a creative office on demand. Its mission is translating the creative power of arts as catalyst of corporate communication and business innovation. The start-up project has been included in the business structure TechnoSeed in Udine (Italy). CREAA works with a great network of artists and creative professionals who have different backgrounds and life paths. Moreover, the company guarantee the protection of commercial confidentialities and copyrights.

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