The team


Stefano_MarchettiStefano Marchetti

Charter member, managing director, legal representative of the company, Director of Molecular Farming activities, Master degree in Agriculture Sciences at the Catholic University – Milan, Associate Professor, Lecturer in Genetics and in Principles of Plant Breeding at the University of Udine, formerly Lecturer of Genetically Modified Organisms at the University of Trieste, expert in plant biotechnology and transgenic plants, inventor of three patent families.

Bruno_BembiBruno Bembi

Charter member, MD, international expert on rare diseases, Director of the Coordinator Centre for Rare Diseases – Friuli Venezia Giulia Region, Scientific Research Coordinator at the University Hospital Santa Maria della Misericordia, Udine. Since 1985, director of several clinical and research programmes in the field of lysosomal disorders. 

Anna_IllyAnna Rossi Illy

Expert in company management and legal affairs, President of Illycaffè spa, Member of the Board of Directors of Illycaffè spa and affiliates, formerly Responsible for Foreign Trade. From 2001 to 2004 President of the Industry Association of the Trieste Province and Member of the Chamber of Commerce, decorated in 2011 by the President of Italy for her service to industry, member of cultural and voluntary associations. 


Tamara_PattiTamara Patti, PhD

  • Development of plant expression vectors
  • Management of documents related to intellectual property
  • Management of Quality System
  • Responsible of plant biomass cultivation and primary processing sites

Piero_CristinPiero Cristin, PhD

  • Management of the biochemistry laboratory
  • Development of analytical methods for the characterization of recombinant proteins
  • Downstream process development for the production of target proteins

Sara_RaccovelliSara Raccovelli, PhD

  • Development of plant expression vectors
  • In silico study of expression control elements
  • Plant tissue transformation and in vitro manipulation
  • Expression analyses of recombinant proteins in plants

Flavia Mazzarol, PhD

  • Set up of preclinical trials on animal models
  • Management of Regulatory compliance regarding plant-derived pharmaceuticals
  • Characterization of therapeutic molecules at proteomic and genomic level

Maurizio_MartinuzziMaurizio Martinuzzi, PhD

  • In vitro cultures of plant tissues and genetic transformation of plants
  • Responsible for the cultivation of plants in greenhouse (in soil and/or in pot) and in grow chamber (hydroponic system)
  • Management of facilities and equipment for cultivation, harvesting and processing of plant biomass

Sara Castelletti, PhD

  • Development of plant expression vectors
  • Bioinformatic analysis on plant genome data
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