Labs and facilities

Transactiva has the working spaces and the equipment suitable to perform the development of the technological platform for drug production in a plant, eg, from gene design to the supply of biomass amounts sufficient to support clinical trials in Phase I/II.

Expression vectors are prepared in molecular biology labs covering an area of 150 m2, equipped with all instruments needed for cloning and sub-cloning of DNA sequences.

Plant transformation and regeneration is carried out in an in-vitro culture facility including climatic chambers (50 m2). Until the selection of the productive line, GM plants are grown within rooms endowed with NFT-hydroponic systems (50 m2) or in a small greenhouse (120 m2); in subsequent stages, when Master- and Working Seed Banks have to be established or elite lines are expanded for yielding purposes, larger greenhouses (approx. 2,750 m2) are used.

The selection of productive lines and the development of extraction/purification protocols of therapeutic proteins are performed in a biochemical lab (100 m2) with equipment validated for drug production.

In addition, Transactiva has a technical area (50 m2) where processing of GM rice seed and packaging can be done with equipment specifically designed to warrant high quality standards.

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