The Company

Transactiva Inc. is a biotechnology company, located at the Scientific and Technological Park of Udine, north-east of Italy.

The Company was founded in 2001 by research scientists with a long experience in the field of molecular biology and genetic engineering. The main activities of Transactiva are:

  • pharmaceutical research with particular emphasis to the applications of recombinant DNA technology in plants;
  • development of novel platforms for the synthesis, accumulation and storage of drugs in plant tissues;
  • molecular farming of pharmaceutical proteins for the therapy of tumors and orphan diseases;
  • production, processing and commercialization of drugs and related technical reagents (enzymes, antibodies, polymers, diagnostic kits, etc.).

The company represents a R&D center of therapeutic molecules whose production cannot be carried out by chemical synthesis, thus requiring innovative biosynthetic processes. A leading position has been gained in molecular farming of therapeutic proteins in plants. Transactiva interfaces with the pharmaceutical industry with large production facilities and a consolidated marketing and trading management. Accordingly, Transactiva can be considered a research-based Company of service to industry.

Relevant experience and skills in the genetic engineering of plants are present in Transactiva. A range of proprietary expression vectors are being developed for the constitutive, seed-specific or light-induced synthesis of therapeutic proteins in plants. These vectors are used in combination with reliable transformation and regeneration protocols for the constitution of transgenic plant populations and the subsequent selection of productive lines. All proteins produced so far by Transactiva, including those glycosylated and with a complex tertiary structure, were found to be pharmacologically active and characterized by a high level of bioequivalence as compared to their human counterparts. The company is also engaged to increase the expertise in the field of downstream processing of drugs from plant tissues through the definition of industrially-scalable protein recovery and purification systems.

R&D activities are carried out in state-of-the-art laboratories where safety standards are maximized and where the quality is the primary objective within the production process of a new therapeutic. Research levels are kept consistently high through several contacts with European and US research centers and international scientific advising. Transactiva is working with European pharma industries and has already produced drug lots according to GMP which have been pharmacologically and toxicologically tested.

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